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This issue is a celebration of possibly the most advanced motorcycle on the planet – the BMW HP4. It’s a machine that boggles the mind with its ability and has the composure and confidence to make you feel almost indestructible on your favourite road. Michael Rutter sets a new road-bike Mallory lap record on it, before contributor Simon Hargreaves nicks it and heads for the hills. It all starts on page 30.

At £20k the HP4 is out of the range of most pockets, but you can get the same feeling of perfection simply by making your bike work as well as possible.Last week I rode my own 2000 R1 over to MCT in Suffolk for a suspension rebuild. With careful shimming, springing and modern internals, they made it handle better than most 2014 bikes. At fast road speeds the suspension feels every bit as good at the HP4’s semi-active stuff. And with a ride-in, ride-out price of £600, the work costs less than a posh can.It shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune to reach biking nirvana. Still wouldn’t mind an HP4, though…
Matt Wildee, editor




The BIG features in this month's November issue...

Ulitmate Exotica


BMW’s HP4 is the quickest bike around PB’s test track, but can it do more than just impress a datalogger? We take it on the fastest, funkiest road ride in England to find out…

Micheal Rutter


What happens when you add nitrous to a superbike? PB takes a bravery pill and tests an Aprilia RSV-R with a hidden surprise…


Suzuki TL1000R


After six months, nine rounds and 19 races, the 2014 British Superbike Championship reaches the Showdown: the points are closed right up and the top six riders go at it head-to-head for the title over the final three meetings. PB gets the inside line on the most exciting domestic race series finale in the world.. 



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