September 2016

What a brilliant month it’s been for riding bikes. Loads of hot days, loads of sun and with the promise of a grippy and warm August too. Summer’s in full swing. It’s been a great month to have been involved in PB too – as well as the usual riding of sexy bikes, we hosted 100 lucky readers at our annual free trackday. It was an amazing event, with Chris Walker and John McGuinness in attendance and it couldn’t have happened without the support of Dunlop and Rockingham. So in return please buy lots of Dunlops and do lots of trackdays at Rockingham…

Also this month, we had our first UK thrash on Yamaha’s MT-10. As a road bike, it’s probably the naughtiest bike I’ve ever ridden with an appetite for B-road misbehaviour and cunning stunts. In this issue we pitch it against the S1000R, the cream of the hypernakeds, and the R1 it’s based on. In fact, the MT-10 was so good that Chris and I got to tell Lincolnshire Constabulary all about it. Luckily they saw the funny side too, I think.

Enjoy the mag!

Matt Wildee


Inside this month's issue...

pb sep ft 1 web.jpg

MT-10 Versus...

The MT-10 shocked us with its brilliance on its launch, but it has to prove itself on home turf. We pitted it against the benchmark supernaked, the superbike it's spawned from, and Michael Rutter, to see if it's the ultimate do-it supernaked.

The death of the 600...

Is greatly exaggerated. Johnny and Matt head into the countryside on the CBR600RR and ZX-6R for days of revs, lean and corner speed.


Tamburini t12 exclusive

PB speaks to Andrea Tamburini, son of legendary designer Massimo Tamburini, and gets under the skin of the BMW-engined Tamburini T12 Massimo - the final masterpiece of a design legend.