September 2018

It's been a strange month. On the one hand, Team PB and seemingly every other biker has been out lapping up the weather: roads buzz to the sound of bikes, trackdays are full up and down the country. It’s almost the perfect summer.

But on the other hand, road racing has been cruel to us in the recent weeks and months: Dan Kneen, Adam Lyon, William Dunlop and James Cowton’s sad passing in competition reminding us of the risk we’re all taking to some extent. Why do they do it? Why do we watch it? Why do we ride a bike at all, for that matter: most of us aren’t racing for a living, yet we’re taking not-dissimilar risks for the hell of it.

The same, almost glib, answer applies to all three for most people: the love and thrill of it outweighs the risk. I’ve had some great road and track rides this month, and, tragedies aside, racing has been stunning to watch. Riding a bike hard, whatever your level, evokes emotions non-motorcyclists can’t understand. I even see those feelings etched on my toddler son’s face as he scoots around on his balance bike.

On the face of it, there’s no logic to it. But for them and us, being on two wheels brings a selfish joy that’s impossible to replace. Nobody wants to pay the price for it: all we can do is try to stay out of harm’s way, remember those we’ve lost and make the most of this daft, brilliant passion we have.

My, and the PB team’s, condolences go out to anyone close to those whom the sport has lost.


Inside this month's PB...


Kramer Craner

This Austrian supermono might be the finest track bike money can buy, and a potential answer to the UK’s lack of prototype racing feeder classes. PB got flat on the Krämer’s tank at Donington for a tug of love...

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Magic Marc

Marc Marquez is the most spectacular MotoGP racer of all time, sliding the front and the rear at every other corner. So what are the secrets of the four-times MotoGP champion’s riding technique?

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Kawasaki ZX-10R SE vs ZX-10RR

Identical chassis and power figures make Kawasaki’s litre bike brothers the perfect test-bed for a direct semi-active vs standard suspension comparison

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