October 2016

With the BSB season nearing its conclusion we thought we’d offer something no other mag has before – a track test of the bike that’s leading the championship. Thanks to the connections our road tester Michael Rutter has (not to mention 24 BSB wins) we were able to assemble three of the sexiest Ducatis ever produced – Shakey’s racer, the amazing Superleggera and the Panigale R. The result is eye-opening – for example, who’d have thought the Superleggera would change direction quicker than a BSB bike? Rutter’s undoubted speed and technical knowledge, and the fact he has the sway to make stuff like this happen, is one of the main reasons PB has the best road test team in bike journalism.

There’s plenty of other great stuff in this issue – our examination into life with the S1000RR, six years after it went into production, is essential reading if you’re thinking of buying a secondhand example. Also, make sure you read Colin Edwards’ story about being Rossi’s team-mate in the Suzuka 8-Hour; it’s riveting stuff.

Enjoy the mag!

Matt Wildee


Inside this issue....

The ultimate Panigales

TT winner and PB tester Michael Rutter tests the sexiest, most exotic Ducatis money can buy.


It’s been six years since the S1000R R redefined everything. How does the original bike measure up?





HRC partnered Colin Edwards with Valentino Rossi at the 2000 and 2001 Suzuka 8-hours, co-riding the SP-1 in Honda’s biggest race of the year. WSB champ Edwards knew the score; Rossi had a lot to learn...