November 2017

Exactly 20 years ago, then PB editor Simon Hargreaves and the expense account-abusing ingrates doing his editorial bidding stopped whatever it was they were pretending to be doing, and squinted at some photos of a new Yamaha: the YZF-R1. And from that initial moment of shock and lust, the R1 has been at the very core of PB’s world.

They’ve all been good, but there have been highlights, and more often than not they’ve led the way in sportsbike design. So we took the opportunity to assemble our favourites, examine their contribution to superbike history, and talk to the men who developed them. We had a great few weeks thrashing some of the best sportsbikes the world has ever seen.

We also have a new face in PB. We’ve signed Jeremy McWilliams up to talk about the stuff he does, has done, and would like to do – and the man can spin a yarn. He’s ideal to fill the spot vacated by John McGuinness after his four year stint. Thanks for the laffs, McPint, and welcome, Jezza.

Chris Newbigging


What's inside this month's issue?


Yamaha YZF-R1


The crossplane R1 changed the way we thought about inline fours. This is how to make it better... 


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The Big Test - Race Replacements


Could these naked middleweights really evolve into the future supersport racers?


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Long-Termers: Do not adjust your set


Whitey’s MT-10 turns into an MT-09, before morphing into a modern-day TDR250


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