March 2016


To the March issue of Performance Bikes. This month is all about the launch of two PB icons: the ZX-10R and the Speed Triple.

You'll find a huge amount about the Kawasaki, its evolution and heritage in these pages, so I'm going to talk about the Triumph, instead. Every time I see a Speed Triple it makes me proud to be British. A product of the reborn Hinckley-based Triumph, it's never been a machine that harks back at 'retro' heritage or panders to trendies in waxed cotton jackets with beards.

It has always been just what it looks: a ballsy, powerful high-performance streetbike. I've just returned from riding the latest model - and it's the best it has ever been.

Loads of small differences combine to make a good upgrade - it wheelies forever, hustles around a track and will dominate a B-road. But what really impresses is the build quality and refinement - it's as good as I've seen on any production bike and proof that Triumph are bike industry big-hitters these days.

Rule Britannia, I say.

Enjoy the mag! 
Matt Wildee, Editor

Inside this issue...

Mutant offspring

An S1000RR motor in an adventure bike chassis sounds like fun. But can BMW's S1000XR satisfy die-hard sportsbike fans?

"Like gargling barbed wire and TCP"

With 200bhp and enough noise to wake the dead, Chris Hughes's turbo Suzuki GSX1400 has the power to out-drag any race-rep. 

Son of superbike

The 2016 ZX-10R is built on four years of WSB success. PB got the first ride at Sepang to see if enough excellence has filtered down.