June 2018

It's refreshing to get some sub-1000cc bikes in that really make a ride special. Anything sporty less than a litre – faired or naked – has either been either dropped or neglected for some years. Thankfully that’s turning around, and we’ve an issue full of bikes that make you question why you’d want 190bhp. MV are trying to pull themselves out of a few difficult, troubled years with bikes like the Brutale 800RR. Sexy? Tick. Fast? Tick. Good enough? Ask the two Johns: they spent a day with it in the company of the excellent Street Triple RS and MT-09 SP.

Meanwhile, one man is fighting the middleweight sportsbike’s corner: Paul Hinchliffe is raising the ire of his paymasters at Triumph by turning the Street Triple 765 into a sportsbike – a Daytona 765 in all but name – and selling it. With more clever touches than new parts, the conversion showed us just how much potential an official Daytona has as a mature but sharp mid-capacity supersport road bike. Here’s hoping it made Triumph grumpy, because he’s narrowly beaten them to the punch with the idea...


Middleweight Missiles


Is anything more than a handful a waste? PB rides three mid-weight naked triples to discover if either of them can truly replace a sportsbike

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Change of Pace


World Endurance is changing: all 864,000 tenths of a second in a race now count as the bikes and riders push to the limit. SERT Suzuki invited PB to try their old-school championship-winning warhorse, and the Yoshimura missile they’re hoping will net their next win

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Are Bends Electric?


Showa claim their electronic suspension is the best available: PB rides the ZX-10R SE to see if they’re right

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