June 2017

There's little greater satisfaction than a project well done, in our book. Our 2008 Fireblade started life as eBay’s least desirable CBR1000RR, but six months later our big-miler has been turned around – it’s now a simply brilliant road/track bike. It was a tense moment waiting to find out how it matched up to the four bikes kicking off our new-look Rutter Test at Donington, but the outcome vindicated our faith in 5-10-year-old sportsbikes, some graft from Whitey, and a bit of British knowhow to make it sing. Rutter’s test of the new GSX-R and Fireblade against the R1 and S1000RR: it’s followed by the reckoning for the PB Blade.

Another standout project bike this month is Paul Milbourn’s titanium framed Guzzi. Not since the MGS-01 racer has one of Italy’s transverse twins given us the horn – the result is incredible, even if some of the details are pure excess, by his own admission. We’ll wager you’ll be sticking the free centre fold on your garage wall. We certainly will. If you’re after a bit of inspiration for your own project, read the mag back to front. We reckon a BMW R1100S is an option for some weird fun with scope for improvement, JM’s first ride on his TRX reveals plenty of promise for his own cheap twin, and my Brutale is shaping up nicely, too. And don’t forget to show us your projects – contact any of the ugly mugs on the right of this page with your build.

Enjoy the mag!

Chris Newbigging

Free Road Racing Season Preview with this month's Performance Bikes magazine

Free with this month's PB

Free Road Racing season preview supplement in this month's PB features a season guide, a look back at Guy Martin's early racing career in pictures, never before seen portraits of some of road racing's most enduring characters, what makes a TT superbike tick and how Alastair Seeley became king of the North West 200


Also inside this issue....


Paul Milbourn’s stunning Titanium V special is no ornament. This titanium-framed Moto Guzzi is designed to be caned as much as admired. 



We claimed we could make a 2008 Fireblade faster than 2017’s best superbikes. It’s time to see if we managed it.




PB has moved the Rutter Test to Donington Park’s GP circuit and introduced a control tyre. What better way to kick off the year than with a superbike shootout.