February 2016

Performance Bikes February 2016

The February issue of Performance Bikes magazine – it’s totally packed with some of the finest motorcycles on the planet.

The first bike you’ll see here is the Suter MMX500. A vision of former GP racer Eskil Suter, it mixes the concept of a 500GP bike with a modern chassis, fuel injection and probably the first all-new bigbore, two-stroke race engine for 15 years. I went to Suter’s amazing Swiss factory to find out the real story behind it and in the months to come we’ll be riding the bike, too. It’s a truly stunning piece of kit, as you’d expect from the company that won Marc Marquez his Moto2 title.

We also spent a huge amount of time in this mag poring over some amazing Ducatis. I was lucky enough (it’s been a great month!) to test Ducati’s new 959 at Valencia. It’s a lovely thing and follows the lineage of sweet-handling, revvy sportsbikes that started with Ducati’s 748. And with 748 prices starting below £3k, everyone in the office is seriously tempted. I wouldn’t blame you if you were, too.

Enjoy the mag! 
Matt Wildee, Editor

Inside this issue...

Slave to the grind

Ducati’s latest middleweight offering may have more power than ever before, but above all else it’s still happiest when it’s on its side.

Stroke of genius

This is the Suter MMX500 – a 500GP bike built to modern-day standards, that anyone can buy. We traveled to Suter’s Alpine lair to see the bike at close quarters and speak to the man behind it, former GP racer Eskil Suter.

One wheel

Clearing the double ton on both wheels is a serious achievement, but Gary Rothwell’s Hayabusa manages it on just the back one.