December 2016

This month has been all about new metal – and proof that after a few years in the doldrums Japanese bike manufacturers are back at the top of their game. The latest bunch of bikes from Japan are exciting enough to get everyone in the office looking at finance deals and wondering how they can get hold of gran’s inheritance before she pops her clogs. The first is the new Fireblade SP. It’s a proper upgrade, with more electronics than Currys, a massive weight saving (with a titanium fuel tank) adding up to a 15kg reduction and a load more power.

My other star is the new GSX-R1000, which is just as special. Suzuki have thrown the kitchen sink at it. Its final spec isn’t surprising (we saw the concept bike last year) but it’s heartening that Suzuki have followed through, so to speak. But even if you aren’t in the market for a new bike, these bikes are hugely important. They push technology forward but also push the prices of nearly-new used bikes down a little, which can be great if you’re in the market for a fresh machine.

Enjoy the mag!

Matt Wildee


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